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I realised how much I loved the world of sport and fitness from a young age. I was always on the school sports teams and PE was my favourite class of the week. So naturally I went on to study sport at college and university.

Since then, I have constantly been on the lookout for my next fitness challenge, whether it's running, netball, obstacle course racing, CrossFit, or powerlifting, I have put my all intoeach one.

I am currently training for my first Bodybuilding Bikini Competition.

My passion for sports, health and fitness and the beginning of Quarry Events eventually led me to becoming a qualified Personal Trainer, so I can use my experience and knowledge to help and support other people to achieve their goals.


I’ve always loved sport and lifting throughout my youth and followed this passion into my 20s playing American Football for both University and Adult teams. Once I decided to retire from playing my daily activity dropped significantly due to a having a sedentary Job and no longer exercising as frequently or with the same intensity, this led to a huge loss in fitness and gain in weight.

Once I realised the negative impact this was having on my life, I made the decision to act and really change my lifestyle. This led to me losing 11 stone and developing a passion for health and fitness and taking my Personal Training qualifications so I could begin to help others meet their own fitness goals.

Since working as a PT I have been competing in Strongman and am fascinated by the process of pushing myself to see what my body can achieve. Firmly working to the principles of being the best version of myself I can and pushing myself to achieve more than I had previously thought possible. I absolutely love helping others to do the same and have been not only working as a personal Trainer and Strength coach but have studied towards my Level 4 strength and conditioning qualification and been working with some fantastic young athletes helping them develop and maximise their potential both in a team and individual setting.

That is what I love about working as part of the quarry fitness team we get to see people faced with real challenges and help them overcome their fears with every event we run along with trying new things and learning new skills in the process.